Food Blogger Survey

IMPACT Communication Australia, our sponsor for the Eat. Drink. Blog. 2011 Photography Competition, have put together an independent survey seeking opinions from food bloggers regarding our blogs, blogging and also our opinions/involvement with PR.

If you would like to participate in the survey and voice your opinions, feel free to do so at the following address:


Eat.Drink.Blog 2011

Well hello there, it’s been a while. Did you miss us? I hope so, as we missed you. We got a new url. Do you like it? We hope so.

2011: A new year, and we hope the second of what will be an annual conference. Right now, a group of bloggers in Sydney, with support from bloggers around Australia are attempting to pull together the bones of this event and see if we can get it off the ground for a second year.

If you’re a blogger interested in getting involved, head over to our google group and introduce yourself.

We are looking for in kind sponsors to make this event happen, so if your company is interested, get in touch at iamobsessedwithfood at gmail dot com

We have a name

Eat Drink Blog it is for the Food Bloggers’ Conference.

I’m suggesting for the photography exhibition element”Eat Drink Blog. Shoot”

It’s now full steam ahead for the 21 March 2010. The first year is small with 45 places and it costs nothing to attend, enter the photography show, attend the drinks party and meal thanks to our partners The Essential Ingredient and St Ali.

Just register your interest below and watch this space.

Bleating from the edge

Okay, we’ve had loads of submissions for names for this Australian Food Bloggers’ Conference.

What seems to be popular is variations of Eating on/from The Edge.

Which do you prefer:

1. Eating on the edge

2. Bl…eating on the edge

3 Bl…eating from the edge

4. Bleating from the edge

5. Bleating on the edge

6. (Bl)eat

7. (Bl)eating on the fringe

Unless you have a better suggestion

Name the Food Bloggers’ Conference

The conference is set for Sunday 21 March 2010 with a one week exhibition of blogger food photography.

While we are currently nutting out the details (give us a week or so) on the presenters and how you can participate we are looking for a cool name.

The UK version was called Food Bloggers Connect.

My crude suggestion was EAT MUFF (Melbourne Underground Food Festival. But apart from being rude it MUFF has already been appropriated for film.

I was thinking something incorporating the word “Fringe”.


I’m suggesting the originator of the winning name should be guaranteed a place at the conference which has only 45 spots including presenters.