Conferene Posts, Images & Link Love


You’ll soon receive a more formal thank you, along with a media kit of a lot of supplementary information regarding the conference for your blog posts, including Michael Gall’s SEO presentation slides (sorry!). However, I thought I’d take this opportunity now to quickly offer my personal thanks to all the attendees, presenters, sponsors, followers on Twitter, and especially the staff, for making the Eat. Drink. Blog. Conference 2011 such a success.

For those of you who have or will publish a post on your experiences at the conference, we’ll be setting up a sidebar widget on this blog giving some linkage love to your blog post. It’ll also make it easier for those interested to read and view the experiences of the attendees.

Please send us an email to with your blog post link, and we’ll look to add it to this blog.

Also, if you have some images that you wish to share of the day’s events, please feel free to send the images with attachments to the same email address We’ll look to setup a separate gallery on the Eat. Drink. Blog. Media Hub, as well as give you credit and some linkage love to your blog there too. As always, you will retain full copyright of any images you send us.

We look forward to seeing all your accounts of the days events!


3 Comments on “Conferene Posts, Images & Link Love”

  1. Looking forward to seeing any links to presentations of the day. Here’s a few post conference pics at the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel including some Zoolander posing by a couple of bloggers hehe

  2. Big thanks again to the organisers! You guys did a brilliant job. Now to go work on my post…

  3. […] to process, and a zillion and one people to shout out to.  For now, posts are being aggregated on Eat Drink Blog’s own blog, so go check them out […]

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