It’s time to register!

It’s finally time, and we can now open registrations!
We have put in place some criteria in order to make this process as fair as possible, so here are the rules:

  • There are approximately 70 seats available
  • Filling in this form does not guarantee a seat at the conference
  • Your blog must be a minimum 12 months old
  • Your blog must haveย  a minimum of 1 post per month, and a minimum of 18 posts per year to qualify
  • There is a strict limit of one person attending per blog
  • We’re looking for a cross section of food bloggers covering food, drink, restaurant, baking and cooking
  • We are not looking for bloggers representing commercial brands, i.e. those employed to blog for payment for brands, restaurants or companies
  • This event is entirely free to attend. There are no registration or attendance fees

Registrations close midnight Wednesday 15th September 2011 and successful conference attendees notified thereafter.

Edit: Registrations have now closed.


49 Comments on “It’s time to register!”

  1. It’s funny seeing the last criteria that says ‘We are not looking for bloggers representing commercial brands, i.e. those employed to blog for payment for brands, restaurants or companies’ but the conference itself is promoting the very same thing of Electrolux, Kingsleys, Chophouse, MLA and Brassiere Bread. I know they’re the sponsors and without such the conference wouldn’t happen in the first place but just seems to be a bit of a contradictory statement. Pity the younger blogs less than 12 months don’t get a chance to come because there’s a lot of good ones out there. It’s a great event for bloggers in any case and I hope it’s a huge success. How much will it be to attend?

  2. Reemski says:

    Hi Simon, thanks for your super fast comment! All these guidelines are the same as those we used last year to choose delegates. We hope that it provides a good cross section of people, who are invested in their blogging for the long term rather than seeing it as a fad.

  3. Reemski says:

    Oh, it’s free to register!

  4. Bummer, my blog isn’t 1 year old yet… next year I guess! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Erin says:

    Yep totally agree Simon and am very disappointed I won’t be able to attend but come November my blog will nearly be a year.

  6. melkettle says:

    How awesome! I’ve just chucked my baking tin in the mix and would love to come! Look forward to hearing from you! And thanks so much for organising.

  7. Wow – this sounds fantastic! The Australian Food and Drink Bloggers Conference. Fingers crossed I get in ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Reemski says:

    Guys, I’m really sorry that you feel like we’re being unfair with the criteria , but we have to put something in place or otherwise it’s not fair on anyone. These criteria have been discussed for months both for last year’s conference and this year’s.

    As for the sponsorship angle, what we’re talking about is anyone who is formally employed by a restaurant, company or brand to blog specifically for them as a job. Be it the head chef of a restaurant who uses it for promotion, or a member of staff of a small company who is employed for the purpose of using social media for engagement. We are not referring to the average blogger who does sponsored posts.

    The event is free to attend thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.

    • Chanel says:

      Thanks for clarifying the sponsorship part – good to know it wasn’t referring to sponsored posts.
      And wow, I didn’t realise it would be free! My blog is a month off the qualifying age by November so maybe next year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Sounds great. Luckily I have just recently celebrated a 1 year anniversary of my blog so I have registered. Additive free and uncomplicated cooking and healthy product reviews – that’s me. Good luck to everyone! ~Martyna

  10. misslollylovesfood says:

    My misslollylovesfood blog is nearly a year old. I had another blog on blogger but I deleted it as soon as I found wordpress. So I’ve been food blogging for a year .. does that count ? I registered anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope I make the cut. It all seems very exciting. โค Peace Out

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  12. My blog is 10 months old, but I registered anyway, just in case. I know you’re giving preference to out-of-towners anyway so it’s unlikely I’ll make the cut. With so many food bloggers in one place though, maybe we could organise some fringe events. Might be cool.

  13. My blog isn’t quite a year old (esp since I moved it after a few months from WordPress to Blogger) but I registered anyway. If you need any help with the organisation though, I’d be delighted to lend a hand!

  14. Hi Reemski

    I have been looking forward to this conference.

    I’ve registered and at the end it stated that successful applicants will be notified by 30 September. I will be travelling around Thailand, Laos and Vietnam from 20 Septemer to 19 October. Not sure how much internet access I will have. Is there any chance of earlier notification so that if I am selected (I really hope I am!) I can organise flights from WA and accommodation in Sydney before I leave for my holiday?

  15. is there cost involved? Barring of course living costs?

  16. Registered! Sad that I couldn’t attend last year in Melbourne so here’s hoping I can make it this year. Thanks for all the hard work again Reem ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. What an amazing job you’ve done to pull this event together. I appreciate the thankless effort that goes into wrangling together an event like this.

    But on the downside – for me it’s a huge turnoff to attend an event sponsored by the MLA. I just don’t think I can do it. Not the catering, which I know you are doing all you can to look after the non-meat eaters, rather the ethics of it.

    Though the Melbourne event was sponsored too, it felt like we were supporting small, local producers and establishments. As a non-commercial blogger, that was important to me. Maybe it’s a Sydney Melbourne thing, being bigger and glitzier (yet on the upside still being a free event and doubling the numbers of attendees). I appreciate its a fine balance and that you’ll never make everyone happy. Just wondering if anyone else is finding MLA and big sponsors a deal breaker?

    • Reemski says:

      Hi Gil

      Thanks for the comments.

      There were a couple of considerations when it came to sponsors. The first thing was purely logistics: venue & catering. Without those two things it wasn’t going to happen. We were very lucky that Electrolux came to the party immediately with the venue, which immediately gave us way more room than last year.
      However, when it came to catering we had a much tougher job. With increased numbers comes increased costs, and for most of the smaller local restaurants etc it wasn’t possible for them to wear the costs of feeding & watering the increased number of delegates.

      On realising the difficulties with this, we dumped a lot of other ideas to really focus on the meat and potatoes of the conference,so to speak, the venue & catering for just the day.

      We also tried to go with more national sponsors and to create some longer term relationships that could carry over to future conferences, not just in Sydney/Melbourne but hopefully around Australia as well.

      We have also tried hard to mix the local with the national, so locally there is Toby’s Estate, Brasserie Bread, Kingsley’s and the Chophouse.

      To clarify, all sponsorship is in kind: purely product/resource donations. No cash is/has been accepted, nor can it be.

    • ‘Maybe itโ€™s a Sydney Melbourne thing?’ Come on. Surely the point of this conference is to come together and celebrate food blogging, not form Syd/Melb ‘factions’. That’d be starting off on the wrong foot for sure.

      It’s always going to be easier to get big sponsors the second year of an event than the first, and you’re right, it’s impossible to make everyone happy.

  18. It looks like I already have something on during the day so unfortunately won’t be able to try and go into the lottery to win a registration to attend the conference but what’s the chance of being able to pop by during the dinner to meet and greet and say hi to other bloggers?

    • Shame you’re busy Simon but unfortunately the dinner is part of the full day conference program that we’ve planned and strictly only for confirmed conference attendees. To enable smooth running of the conference we can’t afford to have unexpected numbers dropping in at whim.

      As for the lottery approach, we apologise this is causing some grief, but the conference is intended to be a national conference so given how many food and drink bloggers there are nationally, short of trying to set a new world record for the largest conference, there has to be some form of criteria and attendance limit. To reiterate what Reem said earlier, this has entailed months of discussion and this was deemed the most fair criteria to enable bloggers in attendance to get the most out of the conference day. Not to mention that this was probably the absolute upper limit in audience size that our very small organising committee could hope to manage, organise sponsorship for and provide a free conference for attending bloggers.

      Perhaps we’ll pass on the possibility of having a pay-your-own-way conference to next year’s organisers so that larger audience numbers can be accommodated.

      Hope this explanation helps!

  19. Richard Elliot says:

    Sounds like a great event. No gripes on the entry criteria from me, I just hope I’m one of the lucky seventy!

    I’ve really been getting into sourdough baking recently so it would be awesome to check out the Elecrolux DLX and bread workshop if I’m chosen.

  20. What I meant by ethics was the issue of MLA’s awareness an involvement in live animal exports culminating in the inhumane slaughter in Indonesia, amongst other countries. (Cattle farmers pay a levy to the MLA on the sale of every beast, including those that are exported. They admit to have been directly involved in the Indonesian cattle trade for 10 years and fully aware of the issues

    Since the Four Corners documentary exposing the inhumane slaughtering (that launched a thousand ban live export blog badges and twitter monikers) MLA has been in need of some positive press. Not to mention increased sales after some of the queasier carnivores were temporarily put off eating meat after watching the doco. By accepting them as a sponsor (and programing a meat masterclass), are we giving them the good press they so desperately need at the moment?

    Just a thought (however unpopular as it will be)…and as I said before, despite this, I think Reem and the team are doing an amazing job to get this event off the ground.

    • Hi Gil,

      We want to clarify that we took on MLA’s sponsorship at the beginning of March when we started organising this conference (it has taken us that long). We also want to stress that this sponsorship deal was brokered before any news of the live export trade issues went to press so our deal was in no way brokered to provide MLA positive press. Our decision to continue the sponsorship partnership with MLA wasn’t taken lightly but we’re also mindful that this national foodbloggers conference is intended to be just that – a national conference about food blogging and isn’t the correct forum for our small organising committee to decide on political or ethical views on behalf of the national foodblogger population. The reality is, Australians are still eating meat and so the lamb masterclass is continuing just to explore cuts, cooking techniques and trends. There will be no push to convert people to meat or MLA, explicit or otherwise and we are catering for vegetarians as well as we respect that choice.

      We appreciate your concern on this topic though and you’ve made a very fair point – one that the foodblogger community has been and should be well aware of. However, we do not feel this conference is the right forum for political or ethical agendas. This is a not for profit conference and has only been made possible through the generosity of all our sponsors where all sponsorships are made in kind.

  21. Karen says:

    Oh it sounds like it’s going to be a blast. Shame I don’t qulify. Next year!

  22. Morning, I feel the criteria is definately fair, there always has to be clear guidelines and rules set when organising anything for the general public, its the only way to actually make it fair. I did complete the form even thought my blog is only a few months old (months prior in the making and preparations and still not 100% to how I want it due to trial & error in teaching myself). If figured I may be lucky if you dont get the numbers as I am craving some help and advice on getting my confidence and ability to where I need it.

    My blog is aiming to be a primary source for my Cookie business that I have underway, but I want to intertwine my love and appreciation of cooking & baking, and sharing this with the world. My inspirations are The Pioneer Woman, Not Quite Nigella, Bakers Royale and cookiesandcups.

    Is there a recommended Blogger Course around in Sydney that you can recommend?

    Sincerely, Traci.

  23. Monica says:


    I didn’t think to ask when I registered but should we have received a confirmation email once we registered. I registered pretty much on the first day but via iPhone (I was so excited…) but didn’t get an email and I don’t recall a message online saying that the form sent.

    In short, should I re-register before it’s too late? ๐Ÿ˜

  24. My blog will be having it’s first birthday a slight 5 days after the conference so hopefully this will count as being 12 months old!

    Fingers crossed!

  25. tammois says:

    If the registration comments are anything to go by, diversity in food blogging is alive and well in Australia! I look forward to meeting many people, seeing those I know, and engaging in plenty of political and ethical as well as aesthetic and commercial debates as we all convene over the world’s oldest chalkboard, the plate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. misslollylovesfood says:

    Hi There,

    I’m not sure I recieved a confirmation email either ?? Was there supposed to be one sent out after registration ??


  27. We were hoping to meet bloggers as it’s been pretty lonely since we started. We’ve managed to only meet 2 fantastic bloggers so far in Chocolatesuze and Grab Your Fork.

  28. Shame I heard about this after registrations had closed! Sounds like a great day!

    Jackie (from Does My Bomb Look Big In This?).

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  30. Annie says:

    i would love to come to this but my blog is less than 2 months old. hopefully i can come next year

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