Eat.Drink.Blog 2011

Well hello there, it’s been a while. Did you miss us? I hope so, as we missed you. We got a new url. Do you like it? We hope so.

2011: A new year, and we hope the second of what will be an annual conference. Right now, a group of bloggers in Sydney, with support from bloggers around Australia are attempting to pull together the bones of this event and see if we can get it off the ground for a second year.

If you’re a blogger interested in getting involved, head over to our google group and introduce yourself.

We are looking for in kind sponsors to make this event happen, so if your company is interested, get in touch at iamobsessedwithfood at gmail dot com


One Comment on “Eat.Drink.Blog 2011”

  1. […] and those who participated. The 2011 Organising Committee was formed in March 2011 based on a process of volunteering. The 2011 team in the early stages consisted of Reem, Trina, Simon, Danny, Becca, Petra and myself. […]

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