SBS Photo Exhibition selection announced

We’ve selected the final pics for the SBS Photo exhibition. What I need ideally by the end of today is hi res images from everybody. I’ve send emails and Flickr mails but if you haven’t received them check to see if you are on the list here. You can send them to me at edcharles AT me DOT com.If I don’t receive the pictures by Friday evening I shall move down the list outside the top 40 pictures.

bowb summer
red-scooter supermarket
anhsphoto apple chips
abstract gourmet flameage
souvlaki for the soul lamb
abstract gourmet chateau
dara tippapart cafe latte
Lucinda Dodds untitled (berries on cake base)
squishies abalone
squishies moo burger
Once a waitress cheese
Once a waitress nick haddow
abstract gourmet coffee
Ellie W stir fry
anhsphoto roti
Once a waitress raw
souvlaki for the soul xmas pies
souvlaki for the soul corn
loamfood bees
Bron Marshall Lemon blackcurrant popsicles
Bron Marshall sumac chicken etc
trotsky & ash crackers
ATFTphotography spring party img_7736
bliink hiramasa kingfish tartare
myriamthi zeta bar nitrogen
Ellie W pancake
Ellie W banana date bread
anhsphoto macha ice
*linda ice cream
tzu-yen wang brew bar
ATFTphotography pied face
copious au sugar hit
tomatom P1102849 Fish
myfoodtrail chocolat delice
anhsphoto strawberries
JT @ areyouhungary garfish
christine.ho eggs
Phil Lees Kota Baru central market
lucinda dodds kitchen


4 Comments on “SBS Photo Exhibition selection announced”

  1. oh wow. how good am I. i picked: bowb summer, red-scooter supermarket, ATFTphotography pied face, myriamthi zeta bar nitrogen and ATFTphotography spring party amongst my favourites. i should have been a judge HEHE hope the exhibition goes really well 🙂

  2. SJ says:

    Congratulations to all for the fabulous and inspiring ph otos

  3. congratulations! Some great pictures there! 🙂

  4. Tzu-yen says:

    Thanks for all those involved in this event. a mighty effort.

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