Bleating from the edge

Okay, we’ve had loads of submissions for names for this Australian Food Bloggers’ Conference.

What seems to be popular is variations of Eating on/from The Edge.

Which do you prefer:

1. Eating on the edge

2. Bl…eating on the edge

3 Bl…eating from the edge

4. Bleating from the edge

5. Bleating on the edge

6. (Bl)eat

7. (Bl)eating on the fringe

Unless you have a better suggestion


Name the Food Bloggers’ Conference

The conference is set for Sunday 21 March 2010 with a one week exhibition of blogger food photography.

While we are currently nutting out the details (give us a week or so) on the presenters and how you can participate we are looking for a cool name.

The UK version was called Food Bloggers Connect.

My crude suggestion was EAT MUFF (Melbourne Underground Food Festival. But apart from being rude it MUFF has already been appropriated for film.

I was thinking something incorporating the word “Fringe”.


I’m suggesting the originator of the winning name should be guaranteed a place at the conference which has only 45 spots including presenters.

Minutes of the First Meeting

Here is a link to the minutes of the first meeting we have had regarding the organisation of the conference.

Blog is online

Hi Fellow Food Bloggers,

This blog has been set up to give a more public face to the (for want of a better name) Australian Food Bloggers Conference.

If you need a login to this so you can update everyone on what organisation you are doing contact me or leave a comment on here and I’ll add you to the account. My email is